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School Philosophy

Blaney Elementary School's Mission: Love, Empower, Grow!

The faculty of Blaney Elementary believes that the students are the primary consideration of our school. We are concerned with educating each child intellectually, physically, personally and socially. We strive to instill in each child a feeling of self-worth so that he may respect himself as well as those around him.

Our teachers respect the uniqueness of each child, accepting differences and providing learning experiences that will motivate, encourage and challenge each child at his own level. We work to develop individuals who are responsible and capable of functioning as good citizens, both in school and in our changing society.

Our philosophy encompasses the following objectives:

  1. Teach the South Carolina Curriculum Standards through varied methods of instruction.

  2. Teach our children to listen well and establish good work and study habits.

  3. Provide an atmosphere conducive to learning and growing.

  4. Provide instruction that will meet the needs and interests of the children, as well as challenge them to their fullest potential.

  5. Provide each child equal educational opportunities regardless of socioeconomic and ethnic backgrounds.

  6. Encourage children to develop and maintain physical fitness and good health habits.

  7. Help students learn to express themselves through art, music, drama, creative movement and creative writing.

  8. Motivate and encourage students to discover their potential and self-worth.

  9. Teach children to have respect for themselves and others, as well as for public and private property.

  10. Stress to our children the importance of and respect for rules, regulations, and laws both in our schools and in our communities.

  11. Maintain sharing of ideas and suggestions between and within grade levels.

  12. Keep abreast of best practices through workshops, conferences and further studies.

  13. Maintain open lines of communication between the school and the home.

  14. Use the resources of external agencies in supplementing the school program.